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I am a bad girl, and I deserve to be punished.When Mr. Wood…

I am a bad girl, and I deserve to be punished.

When Mr. Wood catches Andrea in his office after hours, snooping on his computer, he can’t expel her. And why would he want to when there’s a more fitting punishment in store for virginal Andrea?

She’s never been touched before, but he needs to punish her. First with his hand and an erotic spanking, then with his unprotected cock. Before the night is out, he’s going to deflower and breed her like she deserves.

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“I’ve been around the world, visited a lot of countries,” Mr….

“I’ve been around the world, visited a lot of countries,” Mr. Roberts said, studying Fiona’s little flower, brushing his thumb against those folds, makin’ her shiver and whimper. “But there’s more beauty to be found on this simple farm than I’ve found in all my journeys.”

Again I felt that weird little pang, wishin’ that he could’ve said that to me. But instead I was just young Lily, nothing like my overconfident sister and her way with him. She wasn’t embarrassed or shy, not at all. I’d never seen her be so up front to someone, not ever.

“You mean that?” Fiona said, brushin’ back some of her hair from her face, and I could see she had a touch of blush to her cheeks. She wasn’t as brazen as I’d given her credit for, although… only by a bit.

She had the nerve to show off her lady bits to the man, but she still felt at least a lil’ embarrassment over it.

Mr. Roberts didn’t answer her right away though, and I thought for a moment he’d confess to not meanin’ it. Instead, he brought his free hand up, stroked two fingers along the mound of her bulging breast, then curled them into the cup of her dress. He helped himself to tugging down her dress, exposing her right breast — which was so much bigger than my own! I felt jealous. Then he was stroking about her pinkened areolas, and stiffened nipple.

“It’s confirmed,” he said with a confident smile, so smooth and undaunted by it all. “Absolutely beautiful.”

I was breathing heavier, though I was trying to keep still. It was uncomfortable, cramped like I was, but I barely noticed. My eyes were glued on the two of them, on how they were touchin’ each other.

Fiona let out the sound like she did when eating the cake, this low moan, and she pushed her breast into his hand, her legs spreading even wider.

Mr. Roberts leaned in to her closer, his hand workin’ at her lil’ cunny in such a curiously precise fashion, makin’ lil’ circles near the top, makin’ my older sister moan and whimper some more. While his other hand squeezed at her breast, sank into that fleshy mound and toyed with her sensitive nipple, makin’ her flinch now and then.

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Teffany is the newest employee at Hucow Fun Ranch but she is not…

Teffany is the newest employee at Hucow Fun Ranch but she is not going to be working in the office as she initially assumed. She is going to be the newest Hucow for all of the men ready for their daily nourishment of creamy milk. 

Over 4,000 words in this taboo eBook involving Hucow milking and graphic sex. 

Adults only. 18+

teen-nymphet: I made you a new one…

I made you a new one ^.^ It’s not exactly what you wanted but ohh wellll :3

Jenni’s First Exam (A Taboo Medical Group Age Play Short…

Jenni’s First Exam (A Taboo Medical Group Age Play Short Story)

Nineteen-year old Jenni does not want to go to the doctor’s for a checkup! She misbehaves, and it’s up to the Man of the House to discipline her properly, as well as make sure she makes her appointment.

When they arrive at the doctor’s office, Jenni can’t believe that the handsome Dr. Brooks and his assistant Kendall will be inspecting her! Before she knows it, Jenni discovers just how helpful all three men are at making this a thorough, fruitful, and filling examination!

Jenni’s First Time (Age Play Taboo Older Man Younger Woman…

Jenni’s First Time (Age Play Taboo Older Man Younger Woman Pregnancy Romance)

Jenni’s been very naughty, disobeying the man of the house while her parent is out of town and breaking all of the rules. When she steps over the line with a neighbor, her punishment only makes the situation more frustrating.

Determined to salvage her weekend, this innocent young woman decides that she’s going to spy on him. Turnabout’s fair play, isn’t it? But when he catches Jenni, he’s going to teach her some hard lessons — hard, filling, and without protection!



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