The School Swimmer





This is a story someone shared with me some time ago. 


 Jason was the fastest swimmer on the school’s swim team. He excelled in both free and butterfly strokes and had broken several age group records at the “A” Div swim competition. Jason was popular in school. Besides having good looks and a tanned swimmers bod, he was naturally friendly and charismatic too. Needless to say, practically all the girls in school thought that he was one of the hottest catch. It was thus no wonder that, Jason got hooked up with Sharon, the prettiest and sexiest girl in school. 

 Being popular and having things easy has its price. This is the story of how jealousy led to the downfall of Jason. 

 Several weeks ago, the school hired a new coach for the swim team. Mr. Tang, the teacher in charge of the swimmers, somehow found out about an expat who was the trainer of the Australian Olympic swim team and eagerly signed up his services to help improve the team’s individual timings. 

 Mr. Anderson was a tough coach. With many advanced and radical techniques, he drilled the team to achieve much better timing than ever. Unknown to Mr. Tang, however, Anderson had other expertise and that he had another agenda in coaching the team.

 Anderson had listed his special “services” on the Internet. A week before he signed up to coach the swim team, he received an email from a client. His instructions were specific, and his intended target was Jason. A price was negotiated, and when the sum was electronically banked into his account, Anderson started on his new project. 

 Jason, being oblivious to the sinister plan that Anderson was plotting, found the new coach a real inspiration. Somehow, Jason trusted Anderson, and really warmed up to him. This is again one of Anderson’s “specialties”; His being able to charm and gain the confidence of people. 

 After a month of training under Anderson, Jason was able to improve his 50-free timing by almost 2 seconds. When he managed to clock this new time, he eagerly thanked Anderson.

 “You have barely reached your potential, Jason.” said Anderson. 

 “What else can I do to improve then, sir?” Jason asked. 

 “Given my current training regime, you would have already peaked. If you really want to go beyond your current achievements, I would have to recommend a special training session. I will need total commitment from you, if you really want it.” Anderson offered.

 “My dream is to be the best and take part in the Olympics, sir! Just tell me what I need to do!” Jason said eagerly. 

 “If you are really able to commit, take these papers back home for your parents’ approval signature and return them to me as soon as possible.” Anderson said, as he handed Jason an agreement stipulating that he will travel with Anderson to Australia for a month to undergo an intensive training camp. “Don’t worry, as Mr. Tang has agreed to be your chaperon if your parents consent to this programme. I have also got the school board’s approval to subsidize most of your costs.” 

 Two weeks later during the June holidays, Jason was on his way to Sydney for his “special” training camp. 

 Anderson brought Jason and Mr. Tang to the training complex, where Jason would be living and training intensively for the next 30 days. Upon arrival, both Jason and Mr. Tang were taken to their separate adjacent rooms. That evening, when they arrived, Jason was asked to go to Anderson’s office for a private briefing. 

 “I’m glad you are finally here Jason,” Anderson said, “I have to warn you that the methods I am using will be quite radical but very effective. Swimmers like Ian Thorpe have benefited from my programme, and if you trust me, you will achieve your dreams.” 

 “Thank you, sir! Just tell me what I need to do!” said Jason. 

 “My technique involves hypnosis. It is a proven technique which is highly effective. Don’t worry, I can’t brainwash you. I am only going into your subconscious to help you lift some of the mental obstacles that will inhibit your performance. Yes everyone has these barriers, and I have helped many swimmers overcome them. Are you ready?” 

 “Yes, sir! I trust you!” said Jason. 

 “That is good. You will go far Jason,” said Anderson with a subtle sinister smile. “Take this drink, it will help in the hypnotic process.” 

 Jason took the milky drink and gulped it down in seconds. Within a minute, the special concoction was doing its work. 

 “Hi Jason, can you hear me?” said Anderson. 

 “Yes, sir” said Jason. 

 “You are now under my control, but you will not consciously know it. Whatever I say, you will follow. You will find at times that you do not have control over your body. Do not worry, as I will guide you along.” Anderson said. “Now, I want you to stand up.” 

 Jason stood up from his chair. Anderson looked at the handsome young man and smiled. Jason was about 1.8m tall and had broad shoulders that tapered down to a naturally slim waist. He was wearing a tight fitting tank top that complimented his v-shape bod and jeans that hugged his firm bubble butt. 

 “Take off your clothes, Jason.” Anderson commanded. 

 Jason obediently removed his top to reveal his developed pecs and washboard abs. Next, he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off, leaving his white CK briefs on. 

 “Take your briefs off too,” Somehow, Jason sensed something was wrong but found himself obeying Anderson. 

 Really nice, Anderson thought, a nice fat dick that is 4 inches soft. And what an ass, pity he was specifically told not to take the boy’s virginity by his client. But then again, Anderson was a professional, and he took his work quite seriously. 

 He next ordered Jason to pose naked, while he took some snap shots of him. 

 When he was done taking the photos, he asked Jason to sit down on a bed couch and next positioned a video camera at him. 

 “I’m going to ask you a few questions Jason. You will only tell the truth and you will not be able to lie. Understood?” 

 “Yes, sir” 

 “Do you masturbate?” 

 “Yes, sir”  

“How often?” 

 “Usually twice a day, once in the morning and once before I sleep.”

 “Are you a virgin?” 

 “No, sir” 

 “How many girls have you fucked?” 

 “Just one, sir” 

 “Who is that? When did you lose your virginity?” 

 “Sharon, the girl I am dating. We did it at a chalet a few months back.” 

 “Did she enjoy it?” 

 “She seemed to like it a lot. She was the one who approached me actually. I was kinda drunk that night. She said she liked the way I fucked, and said that my cock was much bigger than Hock Boon’s.” 

 “Who is Hock Boon?” 

 “He was the guy dating Sharon before she dumped him for me. I felt bad really but Hock Boon seemed ok about it.” 

 “How many times did you fuck her?” 

 “Almost every weekend after that first night. She seems to want it all the time.” 

 “Have you ever had sex with another guy?” 

 ”No sir. That isn’t right! Guys are not supposed to do it with other guys. I’m certainly not a faggot.” 

 “That is something that will change soon Jason. But for now, I want you to do something for me.” 

 “Yes, sir. Anything.”

 “You are now going to feel very horny, Jason.” 

 Anderson looked at the hot and naked young man slowly getting hard. Not bad for an Asian, he thought. Looks like he’s slightly over 7 inches.  

“I want you now to stroke your cock. Play with yourself, your nipples and I want you to moan to. You will not cum until I tell you to do so.”

 Jason did his bidding, and for the next 15 torturous minutes, he was wanking himself but not being able to cum. While he was masturbating, Anderson recorded the scene with his video cameras.

 “You may cum now Jason,” 

 “Urrggghhh… oh yeah! I’m cummminnnggg!!!!!” Jason moaned as his cock started to squirt jet after jet of hot cum onto his chest, with several squirts landing on his chin. 

 “Clean yourself up and put your clothes back on.” Anderson ordered. When Jason was done, Anderson continued, “I am going to count to three. You will then wake up from your trance not remembering what happened. You will only feel very relaxed and motivated to come down for another training session here tomorrow evening. One… Two… Three…”  

Jason snapped out of his trance and like Anderson had said, he forgot whatever happened but felt strangely good and at ease. 

 After Jason left the office, Anderson invited Mr. Tang in for a talk. 

 “Jason is going to do very well here Alfred.” Anderson said addressing Mr. Tang by his first name. 

 “Thank you so much for all you have done so far. I am really impressed by the improvements the team has seen since you started with them. I am quite confident that this special programme will do wonders for Jason.” Alfred Tang said. 

 “Yes, but of course, as his chaperon, I hope you will be able to help me keep an eye on the young man. Focus is after all very important.” 

 “Yes, yes. That is needless to say.” 

 “Good. To help you keep a close watch on Jason without him feeling awkward, you will find in your closet a removable wooden panel. Remove it, and you will be able to look into Jason’s room through a special one-way mirror. Just keep an eye on him ok?” Anderson said, as the next part of his plan was on its way. He didn’t expect Alfred Tang to object. According to the notes from his client, Alfred was a closet homosexual who was rumoured to have molested some swimmers in previous years, but somehow no one reported any wrongdoing. 

 Alfred was indeed thrilled to be able to look into Jason’s room. The balding 47 year old bachelor had always lusted for young men like Jason. Given his average looks, bad complexion and slight paunch, Alfred often sought services of escorts to relieve himself. The rumours that he had molested one of the swimming captains was not entirely true, as he only touched the boy’s butt. Despite his lusts, Alfred did quite well to control them in school. 

 After the meeting with Anderson, Alfred quickly went back to the room to remove the hidden wooden panel. To his joy, the one-way mirror offered a very good view of the room. Jason was already sleeping when he got there. Feeling disappointed, Alfred went back to sleep knowing that there will be ample opportunity to see more in the coming month. 

 The next day after intensive training, Jason reported back to Anderson’s office. 

 Again, Jason was put into a trance. 

 “Today, I have new instructions for you young man.” said Anderson. “You will notice a little light bulb above the mirror in your room. Every time that light goes on, you will have the urge to strip and masturbate yourself. You will also now learn how to pleasure yourself with a new toy.” 

 Anderson took out a dildo from his drawer and handed it to Jason. 

 “Here is some lube. Squeeze some out onto your fingers and slowly massage them into your asshole.” 

 Jason obeyed Anderson’s instructions and started to probe his anus with his lubricated fingers.

 After a few minutes, his rectal muscles were loose enough for a bigger object. Jason was ordered to insert the dildo into his ass and fuck himself with it. Despite feeling nauseated deep inside his conscience, his body was reacting pleasurably to the sensation of the dildo rubbing against his prostate gland. Under instructions, he fucked himself harder with the dildo until he shot his huge load. 

 Again, all this was video-recorded by Anderson. 

 Jason was awaken from his trance later and went back to his room to rest. 

 Alfred was in luck today! Jason started stripping almost immediately after he opened the wooden panel. Alfred was of course unaware that each time he removed the panel, the light above Jason’s mirror would go on. 

 Jason didn’t know it, but suddenly had the urge to remove his clothes when he saw the light. As he took off he clothes bit by bit, Alfred got more excited.

 What an Adonis! Alfred thought, if only the boys I hired back home were half as delicious! 

 Alfred could not believe what he saw next. Jason was getting a hard on and was playing with himself! What a cock! Must be over seven inches! And so thick! Some guys really have it all! 

 Alfred’s own 5.5 inch member got hard with the sight before him. His cock might only be of average length, but was really thick. Most of the escorts he hired before could not take in his cock because of its girth. 

 As Jason continued to play with himself, Alfred matched him stroke for stroke, thoroughly enjoying the sight before him! He started fantasizing what it would be like to suck Jason’s manhood. And what an ass! What would Alfred give to fuck that perfect bubble butt. 

 It was not long before Alfred could contain his lust and just when Jason finished shooting his load, Alfred had one of the biggest orgasms he ever had in his life. 

 Anderson smiled when he saw Alfred’s satisfied look after jerking off to the sight of Jason. Unknown to Alfred, Anderson had installed hidden cameras in both rooms too and recorded everything that had happened. His plan was ready to move into its next phase.

 The next day, Jason was asked to visit Anderson’s office again for another “special therapy” session. 

 After getting Jason into a trance again, Anderson brought him into another room that was decorated exactly like one of the Hotel 81 rooms that Alfred often frequented with his escorts. 

 In that room, was a Chinese man Anderson had hired for his plan. The 40ish year old man was dressed like a rich businessman. Under the hypnotic trance, Jason stripped in front of the horny “towkay” and played with himself in front of him. Next he took Jason’s cock into his mouth and sucked him until him came. 

 The “towkay” then took off his pants to reveal a small dick which he forced into Jason’s mouth. Despite having only a 4 inch dick in his mouth, Jason almost gagged as he had never had a dick in his mouth before. Even in his hypnotized state, he tried to struggle from the invading manhood. But the “towkay” was relentless and pulled Jason’s head into his crotch, holding it firmly there with his hands as he face-fucked him.

 It was only a short while before the “towkay” could not hold back and started to shoot his cum onto Jason’s face. He would have loved to fuck the boy, but was specifically told that he could not touch his ass. 

 Jason, of course had absolutely no memory of what happened. He was also not aware that the next day, Anderson recorded another “session”. This time in a room that was decorated like his current one, and servicing an old Caucasian man. 

 Anderson was happy with his work so far. With the pictures and video he obtained, he proceeded with his plan. 

 A week later, Alfred was surprised when Anderson asked him to come to his office with something urgent to discuss. 

 “Alfred, I have something very serious to talk to you about.” said Anderson. 

 “What is it?” Tang inquired. 

“You have not been keeping an eye on the boy like I told you to!” Anderson accused.

 “What do you mean? I have been watching him every night for the past week!” 

 “Did you know that Jason had someone in his room last night?” 

 “Huh? He did? It must have been quite late!” said a confused Alfred, as he remembered Jason going to bed after the usual jerk off session. 

 “Yes, you must have been asleep. What I am about to share with you must be kept a secret!” Anderson said in a conspiring tone. 

 “Why? What happened?” Alfred asked. 

 “It could ruin his life if anyone finds out what I know. Promise to keep this between us? We will have to discuss what we can do to help this boy.” said Anderson. 

 “I promise. What is it?” 

 “I did not believe it before when I heard it from this informer in school. But I checked it out myself earlier on, and what I fear is true.” said Anderson. 

 “What did you find out?” Alfred asked, hoping it had nothing to do with his Peeping Tom activities. 

 “Jason is a social escort, Alfred.” 

 “What? How do you know?” Alfred pretended to be concerned but his loins started to stir with the thought that one of his fantasies might be true. 

 “I received an email last night from an undisclosed informer. He gave me this URL on the Internet. I hope you are not shocked with what I am about to show you.” Anderson said as he clicked on his browser on his desktop PC. 

 Alfred’s jaws dropped when he saw the website titled “Horny Singapore Swimmer” showing naked pictures of Jason in various states of arousal. Anderson smiled to himself when he clicked on one of the links which showed the video clip of Jason servicing his “client” in “Hotel 81”. 

 “I cannot believe it! I had no idea that Jason was an escort!” Alfred exclaimed. 

 “This is not all Alfred! Apparently, he has been advertising his services here in Sydney too! Just last night he served a client in his very own room!” Anderson said as he clicked onto the second video link. 

 Alfred tried to conceal his excitement but Anderson could tell that he was totally turned on by the sight in front of him.

 “What can we do Alfred?” Anderson asked in mock concern. “Just look at the things this boy is offering online – Strip and jerk off – $100; Blowjob – $150; Anal – $500; role-play rape scene – $1000!!! I think this boy needs help, perhaps you might be the best person to talk to him?” 

 “Yes, yes… talk to him” Alfred was at this point not really listening to Anderson. In his mind, he was thinking that his fantasies were about to be fulfilled! 

 “Here are printouts from the site. Please take care when you tell the boy you know about his activities? Try to get him to stay away from this unwholesome lifestyle. It will ruin his swimming career, or any future prospects for the matter.” Anderson advised.

 “Yes, I know what to do.” Alfred grabbed the material and headed excitedly to Jason’s room. 

 Anderson smiled. 

 “Jason, I have something very serious to talk to you about” said Alfred. 

 “What is it, sir?” a bewildered Jason asked.

 “I have something to show you! I know all about you!” said Alfred. 

 “Huh? I don’t understand…” Jason was confused and next shocked when Alfred showed him the printouts. 

 “Where did you get these? You must be a pervert? How come the guy in it looks like me?” 

 “Don’t pretend young man. You know perfectly what you have been doing!” 

 “I’m innocent! I…am… uurrggghhh” Jason protested.

 The light above the mirror in his room had suddenly turned on. Not knowing why, Jason got into a trance again and started to take off his clothes.

 “You see young man, you are just a prostitute! You think you can seduce me?” 

 “No sir… I don’t know… I…” Jason was beginning to lose control of his senses. 

 “I’ll play along with you then, young man!” said Alfred as he took off his clothes. “Let’s do my favourite! Rape scene!”

 “NO!!!! Please don’t” Jason pleaded.  

“You are really good… Very good acting!” Alfred proclaimed as he started to rip off Jason’s clothes. “What a delicious body you have! God knows how many men have had their pleasure with you! Today it will be my turn!” 

 “No…” Jason cried as Alfred’s hands started to explore his taut fit bod. 

 Alfred was in heaven as he caressed the young hunk. He then licked him all over while pinning him down onto the bed. He did not know that Jason was under a semi trance that did not allow him to seriously fight back. Jason would struggle but find himself not exerting full strength for some reason. 

 “Mr. Tang! Please stop!!!” Jason continued to beg as Alfred took Jason’s dick into his mouth. Alfred was an expert in sucking, and within minutes, Jason was cumming into his mouth. 

 “What sweet boy juice! I can’t wait to do what I have been dreaming of for ages! I am going to fuck that cute butt of yours!” said Alfred. 

 Tears were streaming down Jason’s face when he realized that he was going to lose his anal virginity. Alfred of course didn’t know that Jason had never been fucked before, and because of the boy’s use of the dildo over the past week, he had little resistance when he forced his thick cock into Jason’s now no longer virgin ass.

 “Stop!!! It is hurting!!! Please…” Jason begged and cried, but Alfred was totally lost in a state of pure lust as he pounded his dick into the poor boy. 

 It was not long before he felt the greatest orgasm of his life building up. 

 “Uuurrrgggh… Oh yeah!!! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna shoot very soon…” Alfred moaned in ecstacy as he thrusted his dick into Jason. 

 “I’m cumming!!!!!!” Alfred screamed after a few final hard thrusts and withdrawing his dick from Jason’s sore ass to shoot his cum onto Jason’s crying face. 

 Totally satisfied, Alfred collapsed onto Jason’s body when the last dribbles of cum had been drained from his balls. 

 Jason was still in shock, not knowing what happened.  

He was raped by his school teacher because of something he didn’t do (or did he?). 

 “Don’t you dare tell anyone what happened boy.” threatened Alfred, “And don’t expect your fee either. Tell anyone and I will show everyone these pics and that torrid little website of yours.” 

 With that, he left the sobbing boy in the room. 

 Anderson was pleased with the product. He was sure his mysterious client would be to. 

 He played along innocently when Alfred reported to him that everything with Jason would be fine. 

 Of course, he witnessed the rape of Jason by Alfred Tang. It was all according to the instructions he received. 

 The final part of the agreement was to compile everything into a porn movie entitled – “The Raped School Swimmer”. When he was done with the vcd, he put it into the mail addressed to some PO Box in Singapore, as requested by his client. 

 Three working days later, Hock Boon got what he paid for. He was pleased with the product. He had been Jason’s classmate since Sec 1, and was always jealous that Jason was always more popular and well liked compared to him. 

 He was envious of Jason’s good grades and medals, and was furious when Sharon left him for Jason. The final straw happened when the slut laughed at him and said that Jason was better in bed when he confronted her. 

 He finally got his revenge. He knew that Mr. Tang had the hots for Jason. He also found out about Anderson’s special services on the Net. Coming from a rich family, Hock Boon had no problem paying Anderson the huge fee he demanded. And it was worth it. 

 Now that this plan worked perfectly, Hock Boon wondered if he could do the same thing for Terence, the school rugby captain, who insulted him a few days ago…



Amazing story

Never posted a story on tumblr.. Guys are visual animals eh? But this is good;)