Group Fun In School


‘ Group fun this Thursday

  Time 3pm 

 Location School Sports complex boys
toilet ’

Jerome double checked his posting before
clicking onto the post button as he waits in anticipation for Thursday to come.
Jerome has always been intrigued by Japanese porn since the day he discovered
the Internet and every since then he’s been hooked onto the ‘bukakee’ category.
The scene of a group of guys coming together having sex, was an extreme turn on
for Jerome. Group fun was Jerome greatest fantasy, soon the videos online was
not able to satisfy his needs anymore. Jerome wants to experience it for

That’s when he decided to host one himself.
Jerome created an anonyms ad list on his school’s unofficial forum. He chose
the toilet in his school’s sports complex as the venue and decided to host the
group fun at 3pm, as most of the students in school
will be having lessons and the sports complex will be empty. 

Finally Thursday came. Jerome was having his
Chemistry lecture in the afternoon, he’s been getting multiple times of
erection throughout the day thinking about the group fun that was about to take
place. He took a glance at his watch, 2:45pm.

‘Great! There’s still time for me to walk to
the sports complex.’ Jerome thought to himself. He excused himself from the
lecture theatre and made his way to the sports complex. It was a ten minutes’
walk, by the time he reached it was around

There was still five more minutes till 3pm, Jerome made his way into
the toilet. He looked around, checking every cubicle and was unable to find

‘Urgh!’ What was I thinking! Who will turn
up for such an absurd thing, let alone in school!’ Jerome thought to himself as
he was reflecting on how foolish he was to think that this would work. He was
probably too horny back then to think logically. 

Jerome looked at the mirror in disbelief,
looks like he’s going back to his boring chemistry lecture. 

Suddenly, a student entered the toilet. He’s
a smart looking student councillor with his school tie and notable name badge
displayed on his uniform. He seemed anxious and went straight to the cubicle
area without noticing Jerome. Jerome could hear the cubicle doors being pushed
open, one by one. It was as though the boy was looking for something or someone
in the toilet. The boy made his way to other side of the toilet after he was
unable to find what he was looking for, that was when he saw Jerome. The boys
exchanged eye contact. Jerome pretended to wash his hands to avoid any
suspicion. ‘Could he be here for the group fun? Otherwise why would he be at
the sports complex in the middle of the afternoon? Or is he here to report me.’
Jerome thought to himself.

Jerome took another glance in the mirror at
the other boy. The boy was looking at Jerome. Both boys were waiting for some
sort of confirmation before either of them dares to make a move. The boy
started undressing himself as he unbuckled his school pants and pulled down the
zipper. It looks like he was about to change his clothes but he was not
carrying any other clothes with him, the only clothes he had was the school
uniform he was wearing. So why is he taking them off ? 

The boy dropped his school pants down to his
knees and revealed the navy blue Renoma briefs he was wearing underneath. Jerome
was caught by surprise as his eyes were helplessly drawn towards the boy’s
crotch. The boy has a nice package down there. His budge looks huge. As Jerome
took a closer look, he noticed a wet patch forming at the front of the boy’s
briefs. The boy stood still and started rubbing his crotch while looking at
Jerome. Somehow Jerome got the message as he found himself gravitating towards
the boy. Jerome managed to catch a glimpse of the boy’s name from his name

‘Nigel huh? What a sexy name.’ Jerome
thought to himself as he got closer to the boy and reached out to grab the
boy’s crotch. Before Jerome could get his hands on the boy’s crotch, footsteps
sound could be heard. Someone was about to enter the toilet.

“Shit.” Jerome let out a soft curse as he
made his way back to the sink. The other boy quickly wore back his school pants
while supressing his hard-on underneath.

Another student entered the toilet, his eyes
widened in surprise as he saw Jerome and the other boy. Jerome acted as if nothing
was going on and pretends to wash his hands while the other boy pretended to
tie his shoelace. They were hoping for the third boy to leave soon so that they
could carry on. The third boy went to a urinal nearby and started unzipping his

The third boy stood at the urinal for a few
minutes but no sound of water flowing could be heard, he was clearly not there
to pee as he was looking around, suspiciously.

‘Could he be another guy here for fun?’
Jerome thought to himself.

Jerome decides to test the boy himself. He
walked to the urinal next to the boy. There was a stretch of empty urinals and
Jerome chose the one next to the boy, it was pretty obvious what his intention
was. Upon reaching the urinal, Jerome took a quick glance at the boy’s package,
Jerome could not believe his eyes. The other boy’s shaft was rock hard, hanging
out of his school pants. He was starting to jerk it as it grew to it full 7inch
length. The boy looked at Jerome with inviting expression. 

Jerome unzipped his school pants and took
out his semi erected shaft. He started jerking onto it as it grew gradually
till its rock hard. Now that the intention was clear, the third boy reached out
and grabbed hold onto Jerome’s shaft. Jerome did the same and reached out for
the boy’s shaft. Soon, they were jerking each other off. 

Nigel was watching all the actions from the
back, he joined in the fun by grabbing hold onto Jerome’s and the other boy’s
butt from behind. They turned back and grabbed onto his crotch before
undressing his school pants. Jerome took Nigel’s shaft out and started stroking
it. Nigel was leaking like a tap, the head of his dick was coated with a layer
of precum. 

The three boys were standing at the urinal,
jerking each other off. Jerome wanted to tease Nigel further. He pulled Nigel’s
foreskin backwards and placed his thumb on the head of the Nigel’s dick.
Using the precum as lube, Jerome playfully swirled his thumb around Nigel’s
dick head causing him to twitch uncontrollably. Nigel was moaning out loud as
Jerome continued teasing his dick head. The third boy grabbed onto the back of
Nigel’s head and pulled him closer before planting a kiss on his lips. 

Their lips crushed together, sending shivers
down each of their back. Nigel’s moaning was drowned by the kisses. 

Jerome got down on his knees, kneeling in
front of Nigel. He started jerking the Nigel’s shaft as he moved closer towards
it. As Jerome got closer to Nigel’s shaft, he could smell the Nigel’s boyscent
emitting out. It was a hot day in school, Nigel probably sweats a lot throughout
his day in school, his boyscent was so musky. Jerome was getting even more
turned on sniffing onto Nigel’s dick scent. He lowered his mouth on Nigel’s shaft
and started flicking his tongue around the tip. Nigel jumped a little, although
he can’t see what’s going on but he knew that he was about to get a good

Jerome started to bob his mouth around Nigel’s
length, hollowing his cheeks and sucked harder. He flickered his wrist around
the base of Nigel’s length causing Nigel to moan louder than ever.  

A series of muffled moaning could be heard
echoing in the toilet. Nigel started bucking his hips against Jerome, face
fucking Jerome’s mouth. Jerome gagged a few times while choking onto the Nigel
shaft. Jerome tasted Nigel’s shaft as he delved into it while the other two
boys continued with their tongue battle. 

After a few minutes of intense sucking,
Nigel was close. He tapped on Jerome shoulder to stop him from sucking further
as he didn’t want to cum so fast. 

Jerome got back on his feet, the third boy
pulled out from Nigel’s mouth and planted his lips on Jerome’s. Nigel started
unbuttoning the third boy’s school uniform and went on to suck his nipples. The
third boy has extremely sensitive nipples, he was twitching violently once
Nigel’s tongue came into contact with his nipples. Nigel swirled his tongue
around the boy’s nipples and playful bite onto it causing the boy to twitch
even more. The boy could not take it anymore, he pulled away from Jerome and
let out a moan. 

Nigel let out a smirk and gave the boy one
more bite on his nipples before showing him mercy. 

“Any bottoms here?” The third boy asked.

“Ermm, I am not into anal.” Nigel

“What about you?” The third boy said as he
looked towards Jerome.

“Ermm, I don’t know. I’ve never tried it
before but I guess I don’t mind trying.” Jerome replied. 

“Great, then I’ll fuck you while you suck
him off.” The third boy said. 

Jerome and Nigel nodded their heads in

“Let’s try doggy style, get down on your
knees.” The third boy instructed as he reached out for Jerome’s school pants
and underwear before pulling them down.

Jerome complied and got down on his knees,
while Nigel stood in front of Jerome with his rock hard shaft hanging out of
his school pants. Jerome reached out to Nigel’s shaft and put it back into his
mouth as he wrapped his lips tightly around Nigel’s shaft. 

The third boy run his hands around Jerome’s
butt feeling his smooth tender ass. As he explored further, he could feel how
toned Jerome’s butt is. All the training Jerome had in track and field has not
gone to waste, his bubble butt was firm and toned which made the third boy even
more horny. The third boy spat on his palms and spread his saliva all over
Jerome’s butt crack while coating his own shaft with the remaining saliva.

Jerome shifted his butt upwards, in position
to receive the third boy’s shaft.  The third boy started inserting a
finger into Jerome’s boyhole. 

“Ah…” Jerome let out of soft moan before
going back to suck on Nigel’s dick. 

The third boy started fingering Jerome, he
could feel how tight he is. The more he fingered Jerome, the more he can’t wait
to put his shaft into Jerome’s boyhole. 

Once he felt that Jerome’s boyhole is loose
enough, he removed his finger and coated his shaft with more saliva. He moved
closer towards Jerome, positioning his shaft at Jerome’s boyhole. 

“I’m going in.’ The third boy said as he
thrust his hips forward, penetrating into Jerome’s boyhole. 

“Ah! Pain! Pain! Ah!” Jerome let out a
series of loud moan as the amount of pain he was receiving was too much for his
virgin ass to handle. 

“Relax, you are too tense. You need to
relax.” The third boy cooled.  

“Relax the pain will go away soon.” Nigel
joined in to comfort Jerome before planting a kiss onto Jerome’s lips. 

The third boy thrust his shaft all the way
into Jerome’s boyhole and kept it there for Jerome to adapt to it. Nigel was
kissing Jerome to distract him from the pain. Jerome was still clenching
his rectum tightly around the third boy’s shaft. Jerome was so tight that
it almost made the third boy cum just by staying inside his boyhole.

Once he was certain that Jerome was ready,
he started thrusting his hips in and out of the Jerome’s boyhole. He started
slow but with every thrust into the Jerome’s boyhole, he could feel how warm
and tight Jerome is. 

Fucking a tight, toned bubble butt
made the boy so horny, lust took over his mind as he thrust harder and
deeper into Jerome’s boyhole. Fucking him like a beast.

“Ah! Ah! Fuck yeah, this is so good! Ah!”
Jerome was moaning louder, he wasn’t able to control himself. Every thrust from
the third boy was sending Jerome to cloud nine as he moaned uncontrollably,
completely forgotten that he’s in a school toilet. 

Nigel placed his shaft back at Jerome’s
lips, as Jerome opened his mouth to receive his shaft. Jerome went back sucking
on Nigel’s shaft while getting fucked from the back. 

The third boy was in trance, he jammed his
shaft in and out of Jerome’s boyhole without showing any mercy. He reached out
to Jerome’s shaft from the back and started stroking it. Each time he stroke,
Jerome will clenched his boyhole causing his rectum to wrap tightly around the
boy’s shaft. It was pleasurable for both Jerome and the boy. Jerome wasn’t
able to suck Nigel properly as he was moaning uncontrollably from all the
pleasure he was getting. 

Feeling a little frustrated, Nigel decides
to pull out from Jerome’s mouth and jerks himself instead. He pointed his shaft
at Jerome’s face and jerked himself while watching Jerome getting fucked. 

“Boy, your hole is so fucking tight!” The
third boy moaned, as he continued thrusting hard and deep into Jerome’s boyhole
while jerking Jerome shaft from the back. His body went rigid as trembles shook
his body, he was near. He could feel his boycum building up at the tip of his
shaft, ready to be ejaculated into Jerome. 

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Jerome’s moaning got more
intense each time the boy thrust deep into him. He could feel his prostate
getting stimulated as his boycum gathered at the tip of his shaft ready to
erupt too. 

Nigel was getting more and more turned on by
the sound of Jerome’s moaning. Nothing beats watching a live porn in front of
you. With all the intense moaning and actions right in front of Nigel, it
didn’t took him long to reach cloud nine. He was close soon. 

“You guys near soon? I’m going to cum soon
!” The third boy said.  

A resounding yes could be heard from both
Nigel and Jerome. 

“Ah cumming!” The third boy warned as his
body started twitching. He gave Jerome’s boyhole one hard and deep thrust,
penetrating all the way into Jerome’s boyhole. Shots after shots of thick cum
started erupting out of the boy’s shaft, shooting all the way into Jerome’s
boyhole. Jerome could feel, warm shots of the boy’s cum hitting his prostate
and filling up his boyhole. The feeling was out of this world, it was driving
Jerome insane as he never felt so much pleasure before. 

“Ah fuck! Fuck!” Jerome was screaming as he
felt an overwhelming sensation and before he knew it he auto cummed. A massive
amount of boycum started erupting out from Jerome’s shaft as he ejaculated 10 massive
shots, emptying his entire load. 

Nigel was so turned on at the sight of
Jerome’s auto cumming, he jerked his shaft even harder till he was about to

“Open up! Quick!” Nigel exclaimed as he
rushed over to the front of Jerome’s face and placed his shaft at Jerome’s

Jerome opens his mouth immediately. As soon
as Jerome opened his mouth, Nigel jammed his shaft straight into Jerome’s mouth
and ejaculated into Jerome’s mouth. Jerome wrapped his lips tightly around
Nigel’s shaft as he felt, shots after shots of warm cum filling up his

“Fuck! That’s so good!” Nigel exclaimed as
he pulled out from Jerome’s mouth after he’s done emptying his cum in. 

Jerome was still holding onto Nigel’s boycum
in his mouth as he was unsure whether to swallow it or not. The third boy
pulled out from Jerome’s boyhole and helped Jerome to get back on his feet.
Some of the boy’s cum started leaking out from Jerome’s ass along the way.

The third boy, held Jerome closer to him and
started kissing Jerome, while sucking some of Nigel’s boycum out. Once he’s
done, he went back to Nigel and fed him his own cum through mouth to

The boys swallowed the cum together.

“That was so hot guys! I am Adrian, what
about you guys?” The third boy said. 

The boys went on introducing themselves to
each other.

“So, which one of you planned this group
fun?” Nigel asked. 

Just when Jerome was about to answer, a rude
voice interrupted the boys. 

“What are you boys doing!” A loud voice was
heard coming from the entrance of the toilet. 

It was Mr Lim, Jerome’s chemistry tutor. The
boys stood rooted to the ground with their pants down their knees and private
parts fully exposed. Jerome was still leaking cum out from his ass. There was
no way the boys could find any excuse out of this, but they can’t help but to wonder
why would Mr Lim be at the sports complex toilet in the middle of the afternoon?
Does he have an ulterior motive too?

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