Jayden could not pay attention to Mr Lim’s Math lesson anymore. Mr Lim was rambling on and on and Jayden couldn’t be bothered to listen to whatever he was teaching. It was nearing the end of lesson but Mr Lim would take forever to wrap up his class. 

Jayden suddenly felt a vibration in his right pocket.

‘Babe I miss having my dick in your mouth, I need a good suck now. You know what to do.’ it reads.

Jayden turned, and look across the classroom. Keith, who was a few seats  away from Jayden, turned and gave a little wink to Jayden before raising his hand to ask for permission to use the toilet. He rose from his seat and left the class.

Jayden knew exactly what to do. It wasn’t the first time Keith asked him out to “take a break” during class time. He knew where to meet Keith and what to do. He waited a few minutes before he excused himself from the class to avoid any suspicion.

When Jayden raised his hand to ask for permission, Mr Lim gave him a doubtful look but Jayden managed to convinced him that he was really urgent and had to go. He rushed to the toilet once Mr Lim nods his head.

Jayden made his way to the last cubicle upon reaching the toilet, the usual cubicle that Jayden and Keith always went. Keith was already half naked, with his school pants and underwear pulled down to his knees. He was stroking his 7inch rock hard shaft while awaiting for Jayden.

“What took you so long?” Keith asked while pushing Jayden gently against the wall as he entered the cubicle. Keith gave a peck on Jayden’s lips and started undoing his school pants. Jayden’s tool was getting hard as Keith placed his hands on his bulge. Jayden couldn’t wait to service Keith’s package, which was screaming to get in his mouth.  

Jayden got on his knees and planted the tip of his tongue on Keiths’s head.

“Ah… fuck!” Keith let out a sexy moan which filled the toilet atmosphere with warmth and a tinge of excitement.

Jayden worked slowly down Keith’s shaft, savouring every single centimetre of skin and pure muscle, right up to his cute balls. It’s was only a few days ago since the last time Jayden tasted Keith’s dick at the back of the school’s library, but he’s desperately engulfing on to Keith’s shaft now. It’s pale and smooth. To him, it is a river he would never stop drinking from. Keith’s cum, according to him, is his milk and honey.

Jayden do know how to suck Keith, it didn’t took him long to send Keith to the edge. As he felt Keith’s dick twitching violently in his mouth, Jayden was prepared to take in Keith’s boycum but this time Keith has something else in mind.

Keith pulled out his shaft, just in the nick of time while controlling his orgasm, clenching his genitals tight. He instructed Jayden to get up.

As Jayden got back up on his feet, Keith grabbed hold onto the waistband of Jayden’s underwear, pulling it away from him. The elastic band from Jayden’s underwear stretches as Keith continued pulling.

Keith went closer towards Jayden as he jerks himself with his other hand. He positioned his shaft inside Jayden’s underwear and with a few more jerks, he unloaded every single drop of his boycum into Jayden’s underwear. Some of his boycum landed onto Jayden’s shaft while the rest was all around Jayden’s underwear.

Keith slowly release the elastic band from Jayden’s underwear and wiped off the cum from his hand at the front of Jayden’s underwear. He grabbed hold onto the front of Jayden’s underwear smearing all his boycum all over Jayden’s crotch. Jayden could feel Keith’s warm and sticky cum smearing all over his crotch.

Shortly after, the school bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. Keith pressed his lips against Jayden’s, slid his tongue in, and pulled it out.

Jayden put his school pants back on and followed Keith out to prepare for the next class. Jayden walked around the school with Keith’s cum for the rest of the day.

That was quick!

Keith and Jayden have been dating for about 3 months now. Among their friends they disguised themselves as good friends but in actual fact they are the closest couple in the school. They often hang out together secretly and go to each other’s places to have the time of their lives in private. You might disagree that they are the closest but you can denial that they are the naughtiest and kinkiest couple in school.

Keith is usually the wild and really naughty one. He would often come up with really kinky sex ideas and experiments it on Jayden. Jayden, because of his love for Keith, would always go with whatever he says. Well, he often enjoys being told what to do and always gives in to his desires.  They have fucked in every corner of the school, explored different fetish and kinks, no couple in school can bet them on that.

A few days later …

It was a scorching afternoon. Jayden and Keith had just finished their Physics lesson. They stayed in class while their other classmates left for lunch.

“Eh babe, I got this brilliant idea for you,”  Keith said.

“What is it?” Jayden gave Keith a cheeky smile.

Keith whispers the plan into Jayden’s left ear.

“What ! Are you sure baby? We could get into trouble!” Jayden exclaimed as he’s concerned about the potential trouble they could get into.

“Don’t worry babe, nothing is gonna happen to us. It will be fun, I promise.” Keith tried his best to assure Jayden.

It’s not the first time Keith threw such wild ideas but this time round Jayden is pushed to the limit, but the idea of it was too tempting to reject. Jayden eventually agreed to Keith’s plan.

Keith had arranged to meet Jayden at the toilet near the school’s sports complex that afternoon.

“Thanks for doing this for me, babe. I love you,” Keith gives Jayden a soft kiss before he retreats and hide in a cubicle at the corner of the toilet.

Jayden took a deep breath before proceeding with Keith’s plan.

As instructed, Jayden slowly strips off his school uniform revealing his leaned body and chiselled abs. He was hesitant to removed his underwear.

Shortly after, chatters and laughers were heard approaching the toilet. The basketball boys had just finished their training and were making their way to the toilet to change. Keith’s plan was just about to get unfold.

The toilet door swung open and the noisy basketball boys entered. The weather sure was hot, the basketball boys were all sweaty and their jersey were drenched with their sweat. Their sweaty smell filled the entire toilet. Most of them just want to change out of their sweaty attire quick as they proceed to change.

Soon, they saw Jayden who was only in his underwear. The boys thought he was changing and didn’t bother much.

Keith, who was hiding in the cubicle was watching quietly through the gap of the door. He tried to get Jayden’s attention by waving at him when the others are not looking. He reminded Jayden once again about his plan and signaled him to proceed with it. Jayden hesitate for a while, he knew he have to proceed with the plan. He gather all his courage and pulled down his underwear, revealing his flaccid dick.

This caught the basketball boys attention. Most of the boys were staring and laughing among themselves.

Jayden walked towards the sink area in full glory, he was naked from head to toe. He pretends to wash his hands while constantly glancing over the mirror to check if any of the basketball boys were looking. Most of the basketball boys wasn’t interested in Jayden, a few of them laughed among themselves while the rest went on to change.  

To their surprise, Jayden went on to lean by a partition wall, looking very seductive, waiting for his ordeal. Jayden fondled a bit with his shaft and it quickly became hard.

Most of the guys couldn’t give two fucks about Jayden and started changing.

There was some laughters among them. A few stared and looked at Jayden before proceeding to change out of their sweaty jersey. Most of them found Jayden to be a weirdo and ignored him.

But there was this one guy, Lionel, who was so distracted from changing. He kept glancing at Jayden and taking every inch of Jayden’s body in his eyes.  

A visible tent emerged from underneath Lionel’s basketball shorts. He tried to conceal it by sitting down on the toilet bench but it stayed hard. Lionel could not do anything to get his hardon to go away, his eyes were locked onto Jayden.

Soon, all the basketball boys started to pack up and leave the toilet. Only Lionel was left, taking in the act Jayden was portraying.  

Keith appeared from the cubicle at the corner. He was naked too. There was no doubt he’d been getting horny in there. Seeing Jayden in such a questionable position, he walked up to him, jerking his 6.5-inch. Keith’s naughty tongue quickly wrestled with Jayden’s as the naked couple caressed each other’s sexy bodies.

It was too steamy a scene for Lionel to leave. He wasn’t just going to stand there and watch them. At first, Lionel slowly pretends to change out of his jersey. He stripped naked, revealing his boner and made sure that it was visible to Keith and Jayden.

Keith then turned to Lionel and gave his iconic wink.

“Wanna join us?” Keith rubs his shaft with Jayden’s and places his hand on both, hoping to pull Lionel in their deed.

Lionel’s pupils dilate, as they screamed to be part of the scene. He walked up to them and joined the tongue-wrestling. Lionel gave in to his lust as he moved from their mouths to their necks and chests and, eventually under their waists. He grabbed both their dicks and jerked them off and couldn’t care less about what was happening above him.

The tip of his tongue touches both dicks and the two let out a moan. He puts both in his mouth and sucks them, occasionally pinching Jayden’s and Keith’s hard nipples.

Jayden and Keith then got Lionel to stand up and the trio cuddled and licked each other’s faces and bodies. It wasn’t like any threesome porn video they could find on online. They were sincerely giving in to their lusts and letting their desires take over.

“Wanna fuck?” asked Keith.

“I’m a bottom,” said Lionel, though it’s his first time.

“Anything for you, baby,” Jayden responded, his heart pulsating.

It was the first time Keith experienced a threesome. Now he can fuck two bottoms, his boyfriend, and this horny basketballer.  

Keith lay Jayden down on a bench and got his dick ready to go inside Jayden. Jayden was too used to Keith’s dick and thrusts. His boyhole was quite loose, considering the number of times Keith had fucked him before. He would often go slow at first and then fuck him mercilessly.

This time, Keith did just that. He positioned his tool on his lover’s ass and fucked him missionary. At first, his thrusts were slow, just warming up to Jayden’s boyhole. But as time passed and Jayden started blowing Lionel’s cock, he got all too wild and started fucking Jayden like no tomorrow. It turned Jayden on a lot and his cute moans filled the steamy atmosphere.  

“Ah… fuck, baby! Harder baby, HARDER!!!” Jayden’s precum was dripping all over his abs.

Keith fucked his bf even harder, letting out loud moans intermittently. It was heaven for him, as always.

Soon, Jayden let out a huge moan and he autocummed on his abs. Some of it even sprayed onto Lionel’s tanned body. Keith moaned loudly with every merciless thrust into Jayden’s loose boyhole.

When Jayden was done autocumming, Keith pulled his shaft out and jerked it a bit, precum flowing out like dense milk. But he wasn’t done.

Lionel didn’t have to ask. He was next to get fucked by Keith. He’d never done it before, but if not now, when?. He told Keith his favourite position was doggy style and Keith agreed. He got on all fours on the bench. Jayden got his dick close to Lionel’s mouth so he could suck on it while being fucked.

Lionel got into slut mode as Keith started by licking his tight ass. It was a great deal of pleasure for Lionel. Then, Keith stood up and started smacking his shaft on Lionel’s ass, ready to go inside.  

He went in slow, like he did for Jayden. But Lionel’s boyhole was very tight. He needed extra effort to fully get his dick inside Lionel.  

“Relax, you’ve got to loosen up,”

Sucking Jayden’s dick helped Lionel adjust.

Soon, Lionel got the hang of it and Keith could go in and out with no problem. Lionel was enjoying it. As time passed, Lionel was begging Keith to go faster and faster until he fucked him with the same speed he was fucking Jayden earlier.

Precum dripped from Lionel’s peehole onto the toilet bench. Jayden was mouthfucking Lionel and he was loving it.  

All of them saw their reflection on the toilet mirror. It was hot as fuck! Three lean, hot young bodies writhing, sweating, moaning in pleasure, hands all over one another.  

After fucking Lionel for a good 6 minutes, it was time for Keith to release his hot load of cum. He fucked Lionel at his hardest until he was ready to shoot.

“Get down!” Keith instructed both Jayden and Lionel and they quickly got on their knees on the toilet floor while Keith gave his dick a couple more jerks.

“AHHHHH!!! Fuck!!!” every shot of Keith’s boycum landed on both Jayden’s and Lionel’s mouths and faces. He gave his dick a couple more strokes, as if wringing a shirt full of sweat.

Keith’s milk and honey covered both his boyfriend’s and the basketballer’s faces. Jayden and Lionel began licking each other’s faces and feeding each other with Keith’s delicious boycum.

Lionel washed up after he’s done and left the toilet leaving the couple behind.

“Told you, you will enjoy it.” Keith said as he smacks Jayden ass.

The naked couple retreats into a cubicle and showered together. They kissed under the running shower as Keith hugged Jayden tight in his arms. Once they are done, they wiped each other dry and proceed to wear their school uniform back.

Jayden reached for his underwear and as he pulled it up his waist, Keith stopped him.

“Hang on babe, I have a little surprise for you.” Keith said as he started grabbing something out of his school bag.

Keith grabbed onto Jayden’s ass and pulled his butt crack apart, exposing his boyhole. He was holding onto something with his other hand. Jayden was puzzled but before he can react, he felt something penetrating up his boyhole. He let out a soft moan as the foreign object enters him.

The object went all the way up Jayden’s boyhole, long enough to hit his prostate, big enough to fill up his loose hole. It came to a stop as there was a stopper at the end of it.

“Relax babe, it’s a butt plug. I want you to wear this till you get home. As long as you clench your boyhole it will not fall out. This will make your hole tight again.” Keith said as he gave Jayden a few pecks on his neck while pulling Jayden’s underwear up for him.

The couple wore back their school uniform and left the toilet. Jayden was walking awkwardly as he can constantly felt the butt plug in him. Keith was laughing at how silly Jayden was.

Suddenly, Jayden felt something vibrating in him. The butt plug was vibrating, sending shivers down him as his prostate was being stimulate. He was moaning uncontrollably.

“Oh ya, I forget to tell you… it vibrates.” Keith said cheekily, before smacking Jayden’s ass and ran for the school gates.

“Keith Ong, you come back here!” Jayden yelled as he chased after his boyfriend while keeping the butt plug in place.

What other wild ideas will this Keith come up with next ?

Story by : nottiboyjc 

Written by: nottiboyjc , eccentricgay

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