naughty-schoolgirl: My brother gives a low moan, and I watch as…


My brother gives a low moan, and I watch as a shudder of
delight goes through his well-toned body, his dick swelling in my grasp as I
take him out and expose him. But Alicia giggles excitedly, biting her lower lip
as she leans in, stroking her long nailed fingers up my spine.

“Isn’t it just the biggest cock you’ve ever seen?” she says
with such barely-suppressed glee, like sharing in a private bit of gossip with
a girlfriend, even though I’m holding his dick right there before us.

Her boyfriend’s cock. My brother’s.

And the first cock I’ve ever seen, much less felt.

My mouth feels dry and my head is light as my blood rushes
to my clit, making it throb with excitement. I just nod dumbly, and Alicia
grins. I don’t know why she’s not jealous, why she wants this, and yet she
seems so thrilled.

Especially as her fingers delve lower, tracing along the
curve of my ass.

Evan’s hand wraps around mine, squeezing my fingers against
his dick as he begins to stroke himself. Every throb passes through my hand,
and it’s like he’s showing me how to touch him, even as he looks to Alicia.

“My turn,” he says with a breathy growl.

Alicia’s eyes light up as she leans in so close to me, those
impressive breasts of hers heaving with excitement.

“Dare,” she says without hesitation, not even waiting for
the offering of a choice.

Evan licks his lips with tempered excitement, his breathing
growing as our hands together stroke that thick, pulsating cock in his lap. My
eyes are glued to the sight of that immense shaft, so thick and ridged with
veins, swelling as I pump it up and down.

“Pull my sister’s panties down and eat her pussy from
behind,” he says in a low, gravelly demand, an edge entering his voice as his
excitement and pleasure mount.

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