“Nothin’ to it,” he said gently, and she felt his thick fingers…

“Nothin’ to it,” he said gently, and she felt his thick
fingers touch along the waistband of her panties, rolling them down before
getting his digits in under them then tugging them down. It was so strange,
more awkward than the club when she’d exposed herself for twenty dollars. With
the cop so close, so in control as he beared her cunny to his gaze and leaned
in, eying her.

“Damn, every lil’ part of you is pretty, girl,” he remarked
in a lust-laden voice.

It was humiliating, the way her plaid skirt flopped
uselessly against her back, leaving her ass and cunny utterly bare to the
prying gaze. She shifted again, trying to pull that bit of fabric down, but it
was no use. Every time she managed to, it would simply flip back up when she
let go. “Please, please. Just let me go.”

“Hold on now,” he told her, and then it only got worse. She
felt his rough fingers touch her where no man ever had before, those delicate,
pink petals pulled apart as he studied her. Pried her open to gaze at her
virginity up close and personal.

She jerked against him, but she was terrified to struggle
too much. That he’d lose his patience with her and simply lock her away with
the rest of the dancers. He felt so strange, the sensation so much stronger
than anything she’d felt before. She’d shaved especially for the audition, and
she was still utterly smooth against the pads of his fingers.

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