3SG Sean (MP)


it was meant to be a routine patrol. nothing interesting, nothing exciting.

fresh out of military police school, 3rd sgt Sean was assigned to the neighborhood patrol, the most boring assignment ever. 


he just wanted to get the day’s over and done with, so he could go home and start playing his RPG on his gaming console, his newest acquisition as a graduation present. 

just as he was planning to report back to base, the comms set blared to life. 

‘Nest to Foxtrot 13, over.’

‘Foxtrot 13 to nest, send.’

‘Foxtrot 13, there’s a case of noisy activities at blk 13, 3rd floor. kindly check it out, over.’

Sean groaned inwardly. the block was far from where he was, and there was only half an hour before his shift ended.

‘Foxtrot 13 to nest, en route to the place, over.’


Sweating slightly under the afternoon’s hot sun, Sean reached the floor in question, expecting to be greeted with a cacophony of noise, but…. the floor was blissfully silent. As he turned around to report to his headquarters, a movement caught his eye. Before he got the chance to turn around, a sweet-smelling cloth was pressed tightly to his face. 

‘Hmmpfh! hmmpfh!’ he fought against his assilant, but the choloform soon took over him, and he let the darkness take over him. 


Darkness. Sean awoke to darkness in a lying position – ‘what happened… the call, the noise..’ Sean tried to move, but to his horror, he felt that his hands were cuffed to something above his head, and he was blindfolded and his mouth was taped. He tried to move his legs – they were securely tied up as well.


‘Hmmpf! Hmmpf!’ 

A door opened. 

‘Ah, so this is our latest fresh meat.’

That voice…. why does it sound so familiar?

Hmmpf! Hmmpf!’

‘What? I don’t understand.’ the voice replied, teasingly. 

Sean’s mind was in a whirl – who was this sick person who kidnapped him? And why does his voice sound so familiar? In spite of everything, he could feel his cock getting harder. He blushed in embarrassment; it was a deeply hidden fetish of his to be kidnapped against his own will, to be tied up and to be gagged. 

‘I see someone is getting hard.’ came the voice again, as it came closer to the tied up Sean, before he felt the tape being ripped out from his mouth.

‘Who are you? What do you want?’ 


Sean felt as a pair of hands slowly caress and touch his body, feeling his body through the olive-green uniform of his. Sean let out a moan unwittingly as he felt every inch of his body being explored. 

‘How long has it been since you were jerked off?’ 

Sean bit his lip, not wanting to reply. 

‘Tsk tsk…’, before he knew it, Sean’s zipper was unzipped, unleashing the inner member within. 


‘So tell me, how many strokes do you think I can get before you cum? 30? 50?’

Sean blushed furiously; it was been a week since he last jerked off, what with all the parade drills and routine patrols he had been going for. 

‘Just let me go. I promise I will not report this incident to my superiors.’

‘I know that you won’t… but what’s the fun in just letting you go like that?’

A swift smack landed on Sean’s balls, making him groan in pain. 

‘Please sir, please let me go.’ he begged.

‘Oooh. Sir. I like the sound of that.’ 

A hand enveloped Sean’s cock, and started to stroke it slowly. Up. Down. Up. Down. Sean started breathing heavily, he wanted to cum so badly, but the speed was not fast enough. Just as he started jerking his hips up and down furiously in order to speed things up, another hard smack landed on his balls, making him stop. 

‘No moving. You only get to cum when I let you do.’ 

The jerking resumed, thankfully, at a faster pace. Just as Sean was on the cusp of cumming, the jerking stopped. 

Sean whined. 

‘Please sir. Please let me cum. I’ll do anything.’


Sean swallowed. Before he could reply something coherent, the jerking resumed, and it wasn’t before long he orgasmed, the cum spraying onto his chest. Strangely enough, he didn’t feel his uniform becoming wet. 


‘Open your mouth.’

Sean opened it halfway before closing it rapidly: he knew what was going to happen – he was being fed his own cum! 

‘Move, and the cum will be on your uniform and you go back to your superiors with a cum-stained uniform. Your choice.’

Sean unwillingly opened his mouth and true enough, the cum, still warm, was being fed into his own mouth.

‘Good boy.’

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